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LOVE Spell ~ Service~

LOVE Spell ~ Service~

Do you need help with love, protection, money, banishing, cord cutting etc...

Message me with the names of everyone involved and any details you want to share.

*** About the Process ***


 I set up a personal altar for you and feed the space with incense throughout the ritual.

Each altar is unique. Before each ritual, I ask the spirits for guidance and am shown what you need. I set up the altar accordingly.


Everything is rubbed down with special magical oils and dusted with magic powders, even the altar space.

Candles are fixed according to your intention, dressed with oils, and rolled/sprinkled with special herbs and powders.

I use a variety of chime candles, figure candles, 7 day candles etc. This isn't just a one-candle spell! I put my all into these services!

I set out an offering for the spirits for each of my spell and ritual services to ensure powerful and swift results.

You will receive a picture of your service for confirmation once I light the candles, as well as more pictures & a report of how the candles burned once the ritual is complete.


Please allow at least 3 days to see results

​Must be 18+

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