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New Moon Spiritual Guidance Spell

Under a New Moon, when we are in the 'void,' the very essence of new beginning and fresh starts, make a commitment to reconnect to your spiritual path; whether you feel you have gone off course or not, you can deepen your connection to the divine with this New Moon Spiritual Guidance Spell & Meditation Ritual.

What You Will Need:

A BLACK CANDLE (representing the void & your subconscious)

OR - PURPLE CANDLE (representing the 6th chakra and your third eye intuition).


SMOKY QUARTZ or BLACK MOONSTONE ( for shadow work & subconscious awareness)

LABRADORITE ( for calming the mind, heightened clairvoyant, emotional strength, deepened meditation)

CITRINE ( for prosperity & abundance in your divinationwork )

QUARTZ ( for heightened power to your intuition and clear vision )

WHITE SAGE bundle or loose leaf with smudge bowl (purification & cleansing)



To Begin:

Once you have everything you need, you can set up a simple altar or not, this is up to you.

Find a comfortable sitting position in a quiet room, exhale deeply 3 times, visualizing any stress that may be surrounding you to vanish.

Light your candle holding the intention of clarity & guidance.

Light your sage (bundle or loose leaf) from the flame of the candle. Let the smoke begin to rise.

Take each crystal (one at a time), holding each purpose in mind and bless the stone by running it through the sage smoke.

Acknowledge the previous energies of the stones passing away and your new intent surrounding each stone. Saying:

" I feel your purification and I now bless you for the purpose of ___________."

One by one, place each stone around the base of the candle (no particular order is necessary, just what feels right to you.)

Once complete, hover your hands around the base of the candle & crystals, drawing in their energies, allowing for a deeper connection to spirit, clear insight & spiritual guidance to fill you. Saying:

" I feel the light of spirit filling my heart & mind, I feel the warmth of love & compassion & I absorb the positive energies that will guide me along my journey to enlightenment."

When you feel ready, place your hands in a comfortable position, close you eyes & start your meditation. Keep your focus on your intent of bringing clarity to your spiritual path. Visualize a physical path and allow your subconscious to take you to the next location.

Take note of everything throughout your meditation, do not resist images that come to mind, and do not linger or get stuck on anything particular, just keep moving forward.

When you finish your meditation, jot down key things that stood out to you, images, words, numbers, colors, etc. for later interpretation. This is the guidance you need for the next steps amongst your spiritual path.

Let the candle burn down & place your crystals under your pillow on the same night of the New Moon, for further guidance through your dreams.

Many Blessings,

~ Ellen

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