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List Of Herbs & Their Meaning


Some herbs are poisonous, do not consume and use with caution. Always check in a Herball or other trusted herb book before consuming any herbs, barks, flowers or roots.

Herb Name

Acorn - Good luck, personal power, protection and wisdom. Dried acorns are a natural amulet for youthfulness. Associated with Litha. Element water. Agrimony - Shielding and hex-breaking, aids sleep, brings luck towards you and is powerful in spell reversal. Element Air. Alder - Helps you to face up to things you are avoiding, divination, teaching especially anything arty and weather magic. Element Fire. Alfalfa - Money, prosperity and a happy home, also anti-hunger. Generosity and luck. Element Earth. Allspice - Draws money and business success. Aids compassion, luck and healing. Element Fire. Angelica - Also called Archangel. It is a very powerful protection herb, healing, creates harmony and courage and helps in exorcisms. Aids vision. Element Air. Apple - Garden magic, love, healing and wisdom, also vanity, marriage and beauty. Associated Mabon & Samhain. Element water. Ash - Spells relating to the sea, protection, and luck. Make your Yule log from ash and burn to brings prosperity. Yggdrasil was an Ash tree. Element water. Basil - Also called witches herb. Use in spells for Love, exorcism, wealth, sympathy, and protection. Associated with Imbolc. Aids astral projection. Element Fire. Bay Leaf - Protection, success, purification, strength, wisdom and healing, also increases psychic powers. Element Fire. Beech - Happiness, inspiration and divination. Represents the Green Man. Element Air. Belladonna - Also Called: Deadly Nightshade. Toxic. Use for forgetting past loves. Protection, beauty and original flying ointments. Adds energy to rituals. Element Water. Benzoin - Purification, prosperity, and helps to soothe tension by dispelling anger and lessening irritability, de stressing, helps depression, concentration and astral projection. Element Air. Bergamot - Money, prosperity and sleep. Protects from both evil and illness. Good for luck and wealth. Increases magical power. Element Fire. Birch - Protection, exorcism and purification. Dispels lightning, infertility, and the evil eye. Associated with Yule. Element Water. Black Pepper - Banishing negativity, exorcism, and offers protection and help with inner strength. Element Fire Blackthorn - Exorcisms, warding off negative spirits and general protection. Associated with Samhain. Element Earth. Bladderwrack - Protection, sea and wind spells, attracts money, psychic powers, and customers to your business. Element Water. Blessed Thistle - or Holy Thistle. Purification, protection against negativity and evil, hex breaking and aids vitality. Carry on you for strength and protection. Element Earth. Blueberry - Protection of children, keeps evil out, and strengthens the aura. Associated with the Great Spirit. Element Water. Borage Leaf - Courage, strength and peace, plus aids psychic powers. Also ward’s off evil. Calming and de stressing. Element Air. Borage Flower - Self Courage, peace, calm, self love and strength. Element Air. Burdock - Also called Beggar’s buttons. Used for cleansing magic and warding off negativity. Protection, healing and persistence spells. Element Water. Calendula - Also called Marigold. Attracts success and justice in legal matters. Increases psychic/spiritual powers and aid prophetic dreams. Dispels negativity. Element Fire. Cardamom - Lust, love, and fidelity. Sweetens the personality Use in handfastings. Element Water. Carnation - Protection, strength, healing, enhancing magical powers, and achieving balance. Element Fire. Catnip - Also called Nepeta. Use when working with animals. Draws love, luck and happiness, also used in beauty magic. Associated with Bast. Element Water. Cedarwood - Luck, strength and power. Helps increase money and protection. Also healing. Associated with Mabon. Element Earth. Cedar Berries - Also Called: Juniper Berries. Protective, cleansing and repels negativity very well. Used in healing rites. Element Fire. Celandine - Cures depression, treats piles, improves circulation. Brings about Joy and happiness. Solar Magic. Element Fire. Chamomile - Love, sleep, protection and purification, also reduce stress. Use for meditation work and to attract money. Solar Magic. Element Water. Chervil - Helps healing, flatulence and superstition. Is considered the herb for bringing in new life. Element Water. Chickweed - Also called Witches Grass. Use in moon spells. Also good for animal magic, relationships, love and fertility. Element Water. Chili - Fidelity, love and passion. Also hex breaking. Element Fire. Cinnamon - Also called Sweet Wood. Use for Solar magic. Meditation and astral projection. Increases spirituality, success, healing, protection, power, luck, strength, and prosperity. Element Fire. Clover, Red - Also called Trefoil. used in any spells relating to marriage, love, lust and fidelity.Aids success linked to money also. Element Air. Clove - Use to protect, banish negative forces, and divination. Also helps with any teeth spells. Aids money and draws love. Element Fire. Coltsfoot - Aids wealth. Works with peace, tranquility, prosperity, and love. Associated with Brighid. Element Water. Comfrey - Also called Slippery Root. Supports magic healing and safe travel. Use for money, endurance and stability spells. Element Water. Coriander - Love, lust and health. Used as an aphrodisiac and to heal migraines. Brings peace & protection to the home. Element Fire. Cornflower - Used primarily as an Ink for your Book of Shadows. It is the patron herb of herbalists. Use in rituals to give honor to the Mother of all nature, also connected to Rainbow and Crystal children.. Element Earth. Cumin - Fidelity, protection, and exorcism. Also used in love spells and food which can also promote fidelity. Element Earth Cypress - Associated with death and mourning; stimulates healing and helps overcome the pain of loss. Other properties include self esteem, protection, love and banishing nightmares. Element Earth. Damiana - Lust, sex magic and attracting love. It is thought to be an aphrodisiac. Use for astral projection and spirit quests. Element Fire. Dandelion Leaf - Used to summon spirits, make wishes on, healing, purification and defeating negativity. Element Air. Dandelion Root - Magical uses include divination, wishes and calling spirits. It also enhances dreams and works well in astral projection. Element Air. Dock Root- (Yellow). Used to release baggage no longer needed. Also fertility, healing and money magic. Clears blockages and cuts bindings. Solar Magic. Element Air. Echinacea - Adds a boost to clairvoyant and psychic abilities. Adds powerful strength to spells used in money drawing magic, fertility and abundance and provides the user with protective power. Element Earth. Elder Tree - Sleep, releasing enchantments, protection against negativity, banishing. Elderflower & Berry - Peace, protection, and healing, plus aids in exorcisms. Element Water. Elm - Energises the mind and balances the heart. Aids love spells, and offers protection from lightning. Element Water. Evening Primrose - Ideal for moon magic. Also use in love charms and to attract fae. Element Water. Eyebright - Increases mental power, psychic ability and inner vision. Element Air. Fennel Seed - Helps with meditation. Healing, purifying and protection. Also linked with new motherhood and offers inner strength. Element Air. Feverfew - Aids poor health. Protection against accidents when travelling and protection when working with spirit. Carry on you for inner strength. Element Water. Flax Seed - Also called Linseed. Used for money spells and healing rituals. Helps with beauty spells and offers protection. Element Fire. Fleawort - Healing, Cleansing, strength and power. The Goddess herb. Element Earth. Frankincense Resin - Use in solar magic. Associated with Beltane, Lammas, and Yule.. Use in rituals and magic associated with self-control, spirituality and protection. Also regulates emotions and helps depression. Element Earth Fumitory - Associated with the underworld and used at Samhain. Linked to spells for monetary gain, consecration and protection. Element Earth. Galangal Root - Also called Lo John the Conqueror or Lo John. Carry into legal proceedings to help win. Money, gambling and hex breaking. Also aids luck and psychic development. Element Fire. Garlic - Magical uses include speed, health and endurance, also protection, exorcism and purification. Use also to promote your inner strength. Element Fire. Gentian - Increases spell power. Good luck and works well in love & romance spells. Element Fire. Ginger - Increases magic power. Success, love, money and power. Element Fire. Ginseng - Promotes love, beauty, healing and lust. Element Fire. Hawthorn Wood- Associated with Beltane. Magical uses include chastity, fertility, fairy magic, fishing magic, and rebirth. Success in career, work, and employment. Use it to work with the fae. Used Used in weddings and handfastings to increase fertility. Element Water. Hawthorne Berries aid chastity. Hope, protection and happiness. Element Fire. Hearts Ease - Also called Violet. Helps to mend a broken heart. Aids rebirth, peace, wishes and luck. Calms the nerves and promotes peace and tranquility. Element Water. Hemlock - Use to paralyze a situation and a funeral herb. Highly Toxic. Element Water. Henbane - Dried leaves are used in the consecration of ceremonial vessels. Used in love sachets and charms to gain the love of the person desired. Highly Toxic. Element Water. Hibiscus - Attracting love and lust. Use in divination. Associated with lunar magic. Element Water. High John - (The Conqueror) An "all purpose" herb. Use for strength, confidence, conquering any situation. Good luck, prosperity and protection. Element Fire. Holly Hock - Protecting, all Fairy magic, abundance, personal growth and aids passing. Related to Lammas. Element Earth. Horehound - Protective against evil doings. Helps with mental clarity during ritual; stimulates creativity/inspiration; balances personal energies and healing. Element Earth. Horsetail - Use for strength and resolve. Protection, cleansing and clearing unwanted emotions. Element Earth. Hyssop - Used for purification. Banishing, protection and healing. Element Fire. Irish Moss - Used for luck. Ideal for gamblers! Attracts money and customers for self employed. Offers protection. Element Water Ivy - Protection, healing and fertility. Use for love and hang at handfastings. Element Fire. Jasmine - The herb of attraction. Helps prophetic dreaming, money and love. Element Water. Juniper - See Cedarberries. Lady's Mantle - Aphrodisiac and transmutation. Use in love spells and those of fertility. Increases magic power in spells and connects with fairy lore. Element Water. Laurel - See bay leaf. Lavender - Magical uses include healing, sleep and peace. It also promotes chastity and love. Increases longevity of life, tranquility and happiness. Element Air. Lemon Balm - Also called Melissa. Love, success and healing. Aids psychic/spiritual development. Supports mental health disorders and compassion. Element Water. Lemon Grass - Psychic cleansing and opening. Use in lust potions and when using Dragon Magic. Element Air. Licorice Root - Love, lust, and fidelity. Also attracts passion. Element Water. Lilac - Wisdom, memory, good luck and spiritual aid. Element Water. Linden Flower - Wisdom, justice, love and protection. Element Air. Lime Tree Leaf - Healing, calm and love. Aids strength and tranquility, Element Air. Little John - See Galangal root. Lungwort - Use in air magic or as an offering to the Gods of air. Offers safe travel when flying. Element Air. Mandrake - Spell strengthener. Use for protection, happiness and wealth. It aids money multiplying. Element Earth. Marigold - See Calendula. Marjoram - Use for cleansing, purification, and dispelling negativity. Also aids grief and sadness. Element Air. Marshmallow Flower - Cleansing, protection, love, sex and fertility. Used in handfastings. Elements Water. Marshmallow Root - Protection and psychic powers. Use in tea to aid sore throats. Handfasting herb and cleansing. Element Water. Meadowsweet - Used to increase the chances of getting a job. Helps peace, love and happiness. Aids divination. Element Air. Mint - Promotes energy, communication and vitality, protection and draws custom. Element Air. Mistletoe - Also called Witches Broom. Used for fertility, creativity, and protection from negative spells & magic. Hang at handfasting to kiss beneath and promote peace. Element Air. Mountain Ash Berry - Also called Rowan Berry. Strong fairy and Goddess connections. Aids protection and meditation, helps to clear the mind. Element Fire.

Motherwort - Mother’s Herb. Love and fertility. Grounding, helps against bad luck. Protection and good fortune. Element Fire.

Mugwort - Use for strength, protection and healing. Mugwort amplifies magic. Aids astral projection, and psychic power. Element Earth. Mullein - Represents the cross roads. Offers protection from nightmares & hexing. Attracts love and keeps evil energies and spirits at bay. Element Fire. Mustard Seed - Courage, faith, and endurance. It is a good luck amulet. Aids mental power and offers protection. Element Fire. Myrrh - Spiritual, meditation, and healing. Supports youthfulness and protection. Luck and peace. Element Earth. Nasturtium - Banishing and releasing fear. Helps create your own reality. Aids creativity and independence. Element Air. Nettle - Uses include dispelling darkness & fear,and curse breaking. Healing and protection and increases lust in partners. Renewal. Element Fire. Nutmeg - Magical uses include attracting money/prosperity, and luck. Use for fortune telling and when you need favourable decisions to be made. Element Fire. Oak - Connected to Litha and the most sacred of all trees. Oak supports success, good luck and healing. Stability and potency and attracts money. Element Water. Orange Peel & Flower- Attracts abundance, luck. Love and happiness and strengthens divination. Element Fire. Oregano - Aids astral projection, health, and vitality. Increase joy and justice and protects against evil. Use at Handfastings. Element Air. Parsley - Use this herb to help with contacting the dead. Increases strength, vitality and passion. It is uplifting and helps spiritual growth. Element Air. Passion Flower - Attracts friendship and passion. Caming, peace and instills passion into stale relationships. Good for house blessings too. Element Water. Patchouli - Used in spells for connecting with spirits. Money attracting, increases fertility and lust. Calming and peaceful. Element Earth. Pennyroyal - Use for peace, harmony and tranquility. Carry to avoid seasickness or for physical strength & endurance. Element Earth. Peppermint - Use for headaches and other forms of healing. Increases sleep and love. Use for increasing psychic power and divination. Element Air. Pilewort - See Celandine. Pine/Needles - Prosperity and success. Protection, purification and divination. Throw in the fire to dispel negativity. Use in house and business blessings. Element Fire. Plantain - Increases fertility and libido. Healing, protective and offers strength. Use to have power over supernatural events. Element Earth. . Poppy Seeds - Pleasure, love and luck. Aids sleep and insomnia. Use in astral projection and flying magic. Increases fertility and happiness. Element Water. Pumpkin Seed - Use in lunar magic to honour the moon. Also healing and increases divination. Element Fire. Raspberry Leaf - Used for healing, protection, love. Raspberry leaf not to be eaten by pregnant women until due date, as it induces labour. Helps to reduce the pain involved in childbirth. Supports sleep, dreams and love. Element Water. Red Clover - Aids success, love and money. Increases fidelity. Use in exorcism. Element Air. Rose - Use for divination, increased psychic power, love, lust and healing. Helps strengthen close friendships. Place around sprains and bruises to help them heal faster. Element Water. Rose Hips - Used in healing spells or to bring good luck and invoking good spirits. Aids stronger love. Element Water. Rosemary - Use in healing poppets and love/lust spells. Improves memory. Increases sleep, mental power and protection. Burn to help purification and removing negativity. Associated with faery magic. Element Fire. Rowan - See Mountain Ash. Rue - Use in healing, health and love. Also, protection against the evil eye. Increases mental power and clarity of the mind. Used in exorcism. Element Fire. Sage - Used for self purification and cleansing. Helps grief and loss. Healing and protection, also increases wisdom. Element Air. Sandalwood - Burn during protection, healing, and exorcism spells. Aids luck and success, meditation and divination. Raises a high spiritual vibration. Element Water. Skullcap - Aids love, fidelity and peace. Increases harmony. Element Water. Sea Salt - Use to cleanse crystals and tools. For purification, grounding and protection. Supports ritual work. Absorbs negativity and banishes evil. Element Earth & Water. Sheep's Purse - Prosperity, protection and healing. Element Earth. Sheep Sorrel - Carry to protect against heart disease. Cleansing and increases luck. Use in faery magic. Element Earth. St. John's Wort - Worn to prevent colds & fevers. Induces prophetic and romantic dreams. Protects against hexes and black witchcraft. Increases happiness. Use in Solar Magic. Element Fire. Star Anise - Consecration, purification, and happiness. Use for curse breaking or increasing luck. Burn to increase psychic awareness. Element Fire. Strawberry Leaf - Attracts success, good fortune, and favorable circumstances. Increases love and aids pregnancy. Element Water. Sunflower - Energy, protection, and power. Aids wisdom and brings about wishes. Use in fertility magic. Element Fire. Sweet Cicely - Use during rituals for the dead or dying. Helps with divination and the contact of spirit. It is sacred to the Goddess’ of death. Element Earth. Sweetwood - See Cinnamon. Tansy - See Agrimony. Tarragon - Increases self confidence. Use in Dragon magic. Aids healing after abusive situations. Element Fire. Tea Leaves - Use for courage or strength. In tea for increasing lust. Burn leaves to ensure future riches. Element Air. Thistle - See Blessed Thistle. Thyme - Attracts loyalty, affection, and love. Increases good luck and psychic power. Drink in tea to aid sleep. Element Air. Valerian - Also called Graveyard dust. Aids sleep, is calming and a sedative. Quietens emotions. Supports protection and love. Element Water. Vervain - Strengthen others herbs. Helps, peace, love and happiness. Burn the leaves to attract wealth and keep your youth. Increases chastity also. Element Water. Verbena - Psychic protection, peace and purification. Healing and helps depression. Increases beauty and love. Mind opening and clearing. Ideal use for exams. Element Earth. Violet - See Heart’s Ease. White Willow Bark - Use in lunar magic. Reduces negativity and removes evil forces and hexes. Use in healing spells. (Aspirin) Element Water. Willow - Used for lunar magic, drawing or strengthening love, healing, and overcoming sadness.. Element Water. Witches Grass - Happiness, lust, love, and exorcism. Reverses hexes. Element Earth. Wood Betony - Use for purification, protection, and the expulsion of evil spirits and nightmares. Draws love in your direction. Element Fire. Woodruff - Victory, protection, and money. Element Air. Wormwood - Used to remove anger, stop war, inhibit violent acts, and for protection. Use in clairvoyance, to summon spirits, or to enhance divinatory abilities. Element Earth. Yarrow - Healing, calming and increases love. Used in handfasting & weddings. Increases psychic power and divination. Gives courage when needed. Element Air.

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