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How To Cast A Spell: For Beginners

When you start practicing magick and witchcraft, the paths that open in front of you seem endless. One of the things that discourages us in the very beginning is the fact that we are starting from scratch and experiencing something we have never experienced before. Its hard to embrace foreign concepts and its not because we don't welcome it, its because we don't understand it. So how do we move past the uncomfortable stage and embrace the magick that flows through us?

One way to embrace what you are learning is by casting a spell. However, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration before one decides to cast a spell for the first time.

In order to cast a spell for a the first time you should learn some of the basics. What makes a spell? Do I really need that long list of ingredients to cast a spell? Is there a specific way of how to make my spell? How do I raise energy for casting a spell?

These are some basic and yet overwhelming questions we have to ask so that we feel comfortable with casting a spell. It's not meant to be overwhelming but like we discussed that first time, as thrilling as it is, can be quite intimating! And then we are going to tell you there is no right answer for performing magick. You have to find what works for you. You will find several variations of books, blogs, and websites that give you the basics of simple spells. Some people prefer using the broom closet in their home or room, while others maybe enjoy taking advantage of nature's beauty by casting out doors. There is no correct answer with regards to where your first spell should be casted, its up to you to determine and define your first experience.

However, keep in mind that before doing anything else ask yourself 'what am I trying to accomplish?' If yes – it is extremely important for one's well being – only then go ahead an formulate a spell that will help you achieve that goal. If you end up casting a spell and decide to read back what you wrote or looked up online, you might discover that it does not make sense at all.

As simple as the concept of using ingredients to enhance your magick sounds, there is no right answer on whether one should use them or not. Do they add power to your spells? Perhaps they do and perhaps they don't, but keep in mind this: if you feel like it makes the experience easier for yourself; go ahead and experiment with items such as candles, crystals, herbs, stones etc…

Casting a spell is just like any other art form out there such as painting or sculpting. There are always different techniques, methods, and ingredients one can use in order to achieve that desired outcome.

This is where you will find that there is no right answer for performing magick. You have to find what works for you! Most importantly casting a spell for the first time should be fun. There are so many individuals out there who scare beginners by telling them they won't be able to cast spells correctly or not using the correct ingredients or even at the correct time of day. People do not realize that magic is art and takes practice just like any other skill one has learned throughout life! Remember its your skill set, your experiences, journey—be flexible with yourself and you will be fine.

Casting Your Spell - The Basics

What is your wanted outcome? Think about why you want to cast a spell. What is the first reason that comes to mind. Are you looking to build self confidence? Get a promotion? Honestly what was the spell you googled for before you came to this blog post. Now that you know what your goal is, write it on a piece of paper.

Now, create a list of the items you could use for your spell: think about the things you already have available. Most witches use what they readily have on hand and add to their little witchy cabinet as they grow as a witch. Think about the herbs you already have in the kitchen or the broom you use to sweep the house, even your bathroom mirror, etc. these are all tools you have access to. Here is a basic list of items you probably already own:

- paper

- pen

- mirror

- herbs

- broom

- music

- jars

- specific colors: how you dress can add to the magick ;)

- smell good stuff: candles, perfumes, oils for the diffuser, wax melts, hell lyson works great for protection

Try not put too many restrictions on yourself! If you dive in and try to buy that long list of witchy items you are going to overwhelm yourself, plus super unnecessarily expensive to put that burden on yourself. Now if you feel called to an item, please purchase it. I'm simply stating don't stress yourself out if you don't have the witch dream list of items. It's like a wardrobe. We didn't buy it over night, we purchased it with the seasons and right now your season is at the beginning :)

You don't need a degree, certification, training programs to perform magick. Magick is free flowing. We ALL have access to it. Let me repeat. WE ALL HAVE ACCESS TO MAGICK!

Recap. You have your intention (goal) and your items. Now for the fun stuff ;) let's cast that spell.

First, choose a day and time for your ritual (it doesn't need to be specific, go with what feels right). For instance it may be most convenient for you to perform your ritual during full moon or new moon. It will be best if you follow your intuition when choosing a particular day and time; however, that can come in due course and practice only! On the chosen day and time pour yourself a nice warm bath/shower and make sure you are relaxed and calm before beginning with anything else. As you continue to relax in the bath contemplate over what exactly it is you want to accomplish with this spell.

Once your bath is done, grab your ingredients, you can start casting the spell. Make sure that each ingredient has a specific function for example some may represent fire, others air etc. Light the candles and then create an altar in front of yourself with all the items that are required for your spell or just simply place them around you in a circle fashion. After creating the 'altar' sit down inside it and ready yourself for what will happen next! The following are simple steps to follow when casting your first spell:

1) Sit down where you're comfortable and take a deep breath. Embracing the goal of what you want to accomplish and embracing the power within you to make that goal a reality.

2) Visualize your goal inside of your head. Get all the details down to where you can see, feel what it's like etc. This is called visualization and is the very first step toward bringing that goal or dream into existence.

3) Call upon a god/goddess/divinity or your ancestors for guidance and support in your spell work through prayer or meditation (this step is entirely up to you).

4) Now, allow yourself to focus on what the purpose of your spell is... embrace the spiritual energies around you by taking a few deep breaths; clear out any unwanted energy that may be lingering about with some sage or sweet grass incense smoke; take another deep breath; now imagine that there is beautiful white pouring all over you (and your altar) clearing out all the negative energy/intentions and filling you with positive light.

5) Take a deep breath, relax, and welcome this power within you, call upon your personal guardian angel or spirit guide for protection during this spell work. As a first time, you could ask for your spirit guide to help you through the lessons you have yet to learn.

6.) If you have specific ingredients you want to use, use them now to aid you in your spell.

7.) Now take a deep breath, focus on that goal. Visualize it into existence. And when you are ready, start to come back to yourself. Become aware of your surrounding once again and thank those that joined you in your cast.

8.) Take a deep breath and ground yourself, getting rid of any excess energy that may be left in your space by smudging once again.

9.) Now one thing to keep in mind while casting is that while you are open to receive all this knowledge the universe has blessed you with, do not over extend your boundaries while doing so. You have been given these abilities for a reason and it is up to you to allow yourself time to learn about them so they can mature enough to actually help you manifest what it is you desire!

10.) Once you are done with your spell know that everything is in motion even though you may not see it. Breathe and trust that what you have set into motion will manifest itself over time. All you need to do now is keep practicing!

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