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Celebrating Yule & Winter Solstice

Yule Magick

Make a Yule garland with orange peels this winter. Orange brings a comforting warmth & joy, as it activates the energy of our sacral chakra. It is tied to the energy of the sun, reminding us of the returning of light, renewal of life & spiritual illumination. Stars symbolize all the elements & when combined with orange, it welcomes the happy energy from every point. Hang your new magickal garland from your yule tree or near your winter altar.

Simmer Pot Potpourri

*sliced oranges

*sliced apples


*cinnamon sticks

*star anise

*whole cloves

Add to a pot with water

Yuletide Candle Spell

for health & prosperity

* white candle

* cinnamon powder

* winter oil blend

* orange slices

*citrine crystal

At night make a space to create an energy of new vibrant light. Add symbols of winter & yule. Meditate before you begin your spell, focusing only on light, positivity & the things you are looking forward to over the next 3 months, while holding your citrine crystal.

Holding the orange slices next, saying "In a season of darkness, I will hold happiness & light"

Place the slices of orange and citrine down in the decorative space. Rub the oil lightly onto your palms, saying "I am a healer, bringing joy wherever I go." Rub that energy & oil onto your candle, saying "I charge this candle of white, with an energy so bright."

Sprinkling cinnamon powder all over the candle, saying "casting my magick for health & prosperity on this very night."

Light the candle, saying "I ignite my intention,from my inner light."

Let the candle burn down.

Magickal Tip:

On days when sunshine is lacking, place a candle in the window to welcome the return of warmth and light once again.

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